Victoria has worked with me in dealing with bone and joint discomforts.  She has an exceptional knowledge of her physical therapy and movement specialty and is very extremely efficient in dealing with problems.  She explains everything she is doing to me so I understand the “why”.  On top of that Victoria is a kind and compassionate individual dedicated to her field.



I began seeing Victoria because of issues with a surgically repaired shoulder.  Having received over six months of traditional physical therapy prior to seeing her that helped me to a point, I still had limitation in my range and strength that left me unable to do overhead activities as well as other functional activities that were important to me. From the very first session I felt empowered to how I could begin to do movements in a different, more effective way, with my awareness of my shoulder extending far from just my shoulder itself.  Today I am able to fully do overhead work, as well as golf, painting and carpentry with no pain or difficulty.  I encourage anyone who would like to enjoy greater freedom and ease of pain free movement to take the time and experience sessions with Victoria.  Her compassionate and caring approach, skills and experience are unmatched!

–WB, retired


I first met Victoria upon the recommendation of my general physician who had successfully used her physical therapy services in the past.  I was confronting chronic neck/back pain due primarily to degenerative arthritis in the spine but was unwilling to turn to surgical or pharmaceutical options until I had explored other possibilities.  After a few sessions I was walking noticeably better and could actually move my head around to back up my car!  A definitely positive to our sessions is the design of the therapeutic process in our sessions to train one’s body to move differently and more efficiently.  That was truly happening!  For example, when I began to feel my neck tensing up (contentious board meetings, for example) I could unobtrusively do just a few of the small movements Victoria had been teaching me and gain some immediate quiet relief without jumping down on the floor and doing a series of public exercises!

After finishing my series of sessions with Victoria, I find myself pain free and enjoying gardening and other the things I love to do, especially spending time with my grandchildren.

SCR, faculty emeritus, YSU


It was suggested that I see Victoria for lower back pain from a car accident years ago.  I had physical therapy several times in the past but from the very first session with Victoria was able to see a dramatic difference in her approach.  Other physical therapists had focused on my pain, range of motion and strength, but Victoria started from the first session asking me what I had difficulty doing, and focused on that.  Subsequently the pain went away, my flexibility improved, and I was able to experience the joy of doing activities that I loved once again.  Imagine going to a therapist, having a “bucket list” of things you want to be able to do easier, and accomplishing them!

TP, Certified Public Accountant


I cannot say enough good things about Victoria’s therapy approach. After having years of back problems, the sessions with her have given me the ability to live pain free.  I look forward each week to doing group sessions and recommend them to my friends!

CK, Program Director, KSU



“I was simply amazed at what just one session with Victoria Korb, PT has done for me! She said, “Once you learn how to move with ease, you will always have it! No one can take it away from you!” and she was right! I can now move in a way I could not before, which makes getting up off the floor so much easier for me now! It’s one continuous, smooth and graceful motion, rather than a hoist up! Happy to know I will always have this! Thank you Victoria!”

LC, Author, Speaker, Business Coach