What Happened? How Real Change Occurs

Posted by on Oct 3, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on What Happened? How Real Change Occurs

I had a client today, lets call her AB. She entered through the front door, came up to me and said “what happened?” Looking at her kindly I asked “what do you mean?” She continued and commented on how she had only come to three or four Smart Body sessions and despite being in pain for as long as she can remember she was actually feeling better and noticed change in how she was moving and functioning!

A wonderful teaching moment to continue with! So gently asking her why that was so puzzling to her she went on again to say first of all it had only been a few sessions. She continued saying that I really didn’t give her any “exercises” to do but was having fun doing movements that we did in sessions such as reaching in the cupboards and across and up and down in her daily functioning. Ah ha!

This is what I call “bridging the gap.” Unless we take what is done in the four walls of my clinic into the real world and use it can there be real meaning and long lasting change. In my thirty years of experience, Smart Body classes and sessions incorporating The Feldenkrais Method® are the most effective way of truly taking the learning from a session and bringing it into the real world.

AB then went on to mention a sensation that she was physically noticing when she moved and was wondering if I could show her some movements to address it. Another wonderful teaching moment where she noticed something and wanted to be empowered to explore options for different choices of movement. And a way for me to show her how she could learn something functional about herself and moving that would affect her awareness and relationship to the world around her.

We went on to have a session that was uplifting for both of us and left her with more tools of empowerment to continue to feel even better. Thank you AB for helping me to be an effective teacher!