Group Classes

In addition to our one-on-one sessions in physical therapy, we also offer Group Classes for our patients and the public.  That way you can independently participate  with the guidance of a physical therapist in our movement rehabilitation process.  Whether you want to compliment your individual visits or feel that Group Classes are a more cost-effective way for you to get healthy, these small group classes are a fantastic way for you to accelerate your healing.  You will get the treatment to help your body improve mobility and reduce pain through gentle movements done slowly and with minimal effort.  You can do everything at your own pace in a relaxing and non-stressful environment.

These classes are offered weekly and are open to anyone. You will have the opportunity for individual attention, but in a small and comfortable group setting. Please contact us today if you are interested in our Group Classes.

Introduction to Smart Body classes I

Introduction to Smart Body classes II

Introduction to Smart Body: Sitting Series