Do I Practice What I Preach In Smart Body Sessions?

Posted by on Sep 20, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on Do I Practice What I Preach In Smart Body Sessions?

Just last evening I was knitting at our local yarn shop, and yes I knit! During this someone sat down next to me and we began talking. In the course of it I was asked what type of work I did. Years ago this was the dreaded opening, not quite knowing how to reply without the deer in the headlights response from my listener. But now it is a question welcome and begging to be answered! I noted that I was a physical therapist with a specialty in movement, more specifically The Feldenkrais Method® doing Smart Body classes and sessions. Of course the conversation then went into explaining more of what that was which will be touched on much more in future blogs to come. But the interesting thing that I’ve never been asked before was “do you practice what you preach?”  What a wonderful way to move more into what this work is all about!

The 90% of the first year of training in The Feldenkrais Method is spent on the floor, learning, sensing, feeling and becoming aware of human movement and organization with specific and unique lessons developed by its originator Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. As a physical therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, to be able to know what I am teaching others is clearly defined by my own experiences and understanding. How could I possibly teach you something that I don’t understand or feel myself? But as important, when learning a new organization and more efficient patterns of  movement these are directly related to every day function, mine and my clients — meaning it becomes a way of life!

This method has been deeply ingrained into my life in subconscious, unconscious and conscious ways and I cherish and am deeply grateful for the moment I became aware of its existence and every experience I’ve had along the way that further deepens my learning and understanding!

After a few minutes of talking my new friend commented “you are very passionate about what you do, aren’t you?” You bet I am!