How Feldenkrais and Knitting Saved Me

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How did my Feldenkrais experience help me? Earlier this year I took a fall going down the stairs half asleep. Suspecting a left forearm fracture I immediately consulted with a surgeon friend who expedited the process for radiographs on my elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. Soon after I was given the news of a non-displaced fracture of the radial head. Resigning to eight weeks of healing I began gentle integrative movements from my experience with the Feldenkrais Method. Nine days into this and doing well, I decided to do a little knitting which is a favorite hobby of mine. Knitting for just a short period of time I began to feel excruciating pain in my left wrist and hand. Calling the doctor the next day I was told that it was “perfectly typical” for the type of injury I had and more pain medication would be prescribed. With my experience as a physical therapist and a Feldenkrais practitioner I knew better. Long story and five weeks from the fall MRI and CT testing was finally ordered and it was discovered that I had a scapholunate ligamentous rupture in my left hand and surgery was scheduled the same week. Time was of the essence to be able to preserve the available ligament and to prevent any further damage to the hand from instability. What did knitting have to do with any of this? So what did knitting have to do with this? Thinking long and hard and talking with my orthopedic surgeon it became evident that the rupture happened during the fall. When I did minimal movements with the wrist all appeared well. However, with knitting the movements provoked instability and subsequently pain in the hand. Had I not knitted the likelihood would have been the length of time from the injury would have been longer before it was discovered. This would have made the likelihood of success from the surgery less than optimal. Also, had I not had the body awareness from my Feldenkrais background I may have passed the pain off to something that just needed to heal and again missed the timing opportunity for successful surgery. So, I thank my Feldenkrais body awareness and the ability to listen to my body after knitting for an impending successful surgery. Stay tuned for results and experiences from this upcoming event!    ...

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What Happened? How Real Change Occurs

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I had a client today, lets call her AB. She entered through the front door, came up to me and said “what happened?” Looking at her kindly I asked “what do you mean?” She continued and commented on how she had only come to three or four Smart Body sessions and despite being in pain for as long as she can remember she was actually feeling better and noticed change in how she was moving and functioning! A wonderful teaching moment to continue with! So gently asking her why that was so puzzling to her she went on again to say first of all it had only been a few sessions. She continued saying that I really didn’t give her any “exercises” to do but was having fun doing movements that we did in sessions such as reaching in the cupboards and across and up and down in her daily functioning. Ah ha! This is what I call “bridging the gap.” Unless we take what is done in the four walls of my clinic into the real world and use it can there be real meaning and long lasting change. In my thirty years of experience, Smart Body classes and sessions incorporating The Feldenkrais Method® are the most effective way of truly taking the learning from a session and bringing it into the real world. AB then went on to mention a sensation that she was physically noticing when she moved and was wondering if I could show her some movements to address it. Another wonderful teaching moment where she noticed something and wanted to be empowered to explore options for different choices of movement. And a way for me to show her how she could learn something functional about herself and moving that would affect her awareness and relationship to the world around her. We went on to have a session that was uplifting for both of us and left her with more tools of empowerment to continue to feel even better. Thank you AB for helping me to be an effective teacher!...

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My Best Marketers for Smart Body Sessions and Classes!

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The other evening one of my dedicated students, ME called me and mentioned she had done lunch with a group of friends in which several were complaining of physical pain and discomforts. She jumped at the opportunity to tell them more about how life changing Smart Body classes and session have been for her. Having two total knees before she started to do Smart Body sessions, it was easy for her to talk about how the sessions have improved her ability to do meaningful daily activities with greater ease and comfort, even after over 10 years since her knee surgeries! It is wonderful how my students teach me to market. She went on to explain to me how in addition to sharing her personal experience with sessions and classes in terms of movement and pain relief, she also gave them a short demonstration of how she gets up and down from a sitting in a chair. What a wonderful idea to simplify our work to showing how change can easily occur and how it relates to meaningful daily functional activities! Another idea for a short demonstration of quick change with movement include turning and rotation movements. Turning is one of the most common components with daily activities, yet one that so many people have difficulty with. We turn to look behind us in the car, we turn to talk to the person sitting next to us, we turn when we hear someone call us from behind, among many other functional activities. Plans over the next couple weeks include having some playful conversations with my “marketeers” and while creating wonderful learning experiences for them, will also show them creative ideas for talking with their friends about what they are doing in Smart Body classes and sessions! Kudos to ME and thank you!  ...

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Do I Practice What I Preach In Smart Body Sessions?

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Just last evening I was knitting at our local yarn shop, and yes I knit! During this someone sat down next to me and we began talking. In the course of it I was asked what type of work I did. Years ago this was the dreaded opening, not quite knowing how to reply without the deer in the headlights response from my listener. But now it is a question welcome and begging to be answered! I noted that I was a physical therapist with a specialty in movement, more specifically The Feldenkrais Method® doing Smart Body classes and sessions. Of course the conversation then went into explaining more of what that was which will be touched on much more in future blogs to come. But the interesting thing that I’ve never been asked before was “do you practice what you preach?”  What a wonderful way to move more into what this work is all about! The 90% of the first year of training in The Feldenkrais Method is spent on the floor, learning, sensing, feeling and becoming aware of human movement and organization with specific and unique lessons developed by its originator Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. As a physical therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, to be able to know what I am teaching others is clearly defined by my own experiences and understanding. How could I possibly teach you something that I don’t understand or feel myself? But as important, when learning a new organization and more efficient patterns of  movement these are directly related to every day function, mine and my clients — meaning it becomes a way of life! This method has been deeply ingrained into my life in subconscious, unconscious and conscious ways and I cherish and am deeply grateful for the moment I became aware of its existence and every experience I’ve had along the way that further deepens my learning and understanding! After a few minutes of talking my new friend commented “you are very passionate about what you do, aren’t you?” You bet I am!        ...

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