My Best Marketers for Smart Body Sessions and Classes!

Posted by on Sep 29, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on My Best Marketers for Smart Body Sessions and Classes!

The other evening one of my dedicated students, ME called me and mentioned she had done lunch with a group of friends in which several were complaining of physical pain and discomforts. She jumped at the opportunity to tell them more about how life changing Smart Body classes and session have been for her. Having two total knees before she started to do Smart Body sessions, it was easy for her to talk about how the sessions have improved her ability to do meaningful daily activities with greater ease and comfort, even after over 10 years since her knee surgeries!

It is wonderful how my students teach me to market. She went on to explain to me how in addition to sharing her personal experience with sessions and classes in terms of movement and pain relief, she also gave them a short demonstration of how she gets up and down from a sitting in a chair. What a wonderful idea to simplify our work to showing how change can easily occur and how it relates to meaningful daily functional activities!

Another idea for a short demonstration of quick change with movement include turning and rotation movements. Turning is one of the most common components with daily activities, yet one that so many people have difficulty with. We turn to look behind us in the car, we turn to talk to the person sitting next to us, we turn when we hear someone call us from behind, among many other functional activities.

Plans over the next couple weeks include having some playful conversations with my “marketeers” and while creating wonderful learning experiences for them, will also show them creative ideas for talking with their friends about what they are doing in Smart Body classes and sessions!

Kudos to ME and thank you!