Our Techniques and Philosophy

For over 30 years we have worked with hundreds of patients who have had a variety of problems and movement-related issues.  We pride ourselves on constantly learning about different techniques to help our patients achieve the best possible standard of living and we translate this to each and every patient.  In fact, Victoria Korb will soon be acquiring her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, thus contributing even more knowledge to the world of medicine, physical therapy, and body movement science.

We practice several unique techniques and approaches that revolve around our philosophy of treating each patient’s individual needs and helping them to achieve a quality of life that suits their desires. Every patient is different and has different needs. Some people want to be able to sit, stand, walk and get up and down from the floor with greater ease and without pain, others want to be able to play collegiate, professional or leisure sports, and we’ve even had patients who love to dance and play musical instruments that want to move and play with greater elegance, power and flow.  No matter what your goals, our job is to explore together with you in what it takes to get you there.  

Click below for a list of some of the techniques we have to offer you:

Manual Therapy
The Feldenkrais Method
Sounder Sleep System

As you can see from the above techniques and approaches, we pride ourselves in having very large “tool box” to draw from, making sure that you attain a greater sense of vitality and pleasurable quality of life.  Imagine coming to therapy, and addressing what you are having difficulty with and your therapist guiding you toward your goals, from your very first session!