We Help Improve Quality of Life


We’re more than just a Physical Therapy office.  For 25 years, we have been helping our patients improve their quality of life. Many of our patients have seen other doctors, chiropractors, and even physical therapists, but have not gotten results.  We have built a reputation on helping our patients when no one else can. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get back to doing the things you love.

Develop Harmonious Coordination


Your body is a complex system that wants to move fluidly and without pain.  However, at some point in our lives the harmony of our body gets out of tune.  Our philosophy is to help your body regain that Harmonious Coordination which will lead to a more mobile, efficient, and pain-free body.  Learn How

What Can A SmartBody Do for You?


Our mission is pretty simple. We want to help you achieve the quality of life that you desire, no matter if that is playing your sport, returning to dance floor, or even just being able to take a walk with your loved ones.  No matter what you want to achieve, we can help your body to get there.  Contact us and we’ll schedule a consultation so you can see how we can help you.  


Victoria Korb

Victoria Korb is the founder of SmartBody Physical Therapy, Inc. and a nationally recognized leader in physical therapy and movement. With over twenty-eight years of experience she has made it possible for thousands of patients to live pain free and full lifestyles. In addition to her physical therapy degree she also has multiple certifications including The Feldenkrais Method®, Bones For Life®, and the Sounder Sleep System®.  With her extensive training and unique experience in connecting the dots among posture, movement, behavior and pain, she is able to help patients reduce their pain and improve their quality of life without surgery or medication.  Contact Victoria today to schedule an appointment.  

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Victoria has worked with me in dealing with bone and joint discomforts.  She has a exceptional knowledge of her physical therapy and movement specialty and is very extremely efficient in dealing with problems.  She explains everything she is doing to me so I understand the “why”.  On top of that Victoria is a kind and compassionate individual dedicated to her field.

– JS, MD

Today I am able to fully do overhead work, as well as golf, painting and carpentry with no pain or difficulty.  I encourage anyone who would like to enjoy greater freedom and ease of pain free movement to take the time and experience sessions with Victoria.  Her compassionate, caring approach, and skills and experience that are unmatched!

– WB, Retired

After finishing my series of sessions with Victoria, I find myself pain free and enjoying gardening and other the things I love to do, especially spending time with my grandchildren.

– SCR, Faculty Emeritus, YSU